Beginner Pole

This is were the curiosity and fun begins. In this class you will learn basic moves , you'll be getting comfortable with the pole.  Learning proper technique, grips , spins and more in beginner level. We will learn mini routines and combos after each set of moves learned. Students ready to move from the beginner class to intermediate must be able to pole sit , hold your own body weight on the pole as well as be able to perform a pole climb.

Beginner/Intermediate Pole

Feeling a bit brave? In this class we will take what we learned from the beginner class to more advanced spins , leg and arm holds. We will be working on planks , knee holds like the Flying Cupid perhaps. We will also in this class start inverting. Student's in this class who wish to move to Advanced Pole must be able to invert without assistance as well as have good knee grips and thigh holds.

Open Pole

This class is "Open" meaning there will be no formal instruction. Students will warm up on there own. Students are able to work on whatever they choose to work on.   Whether it's working on a combo or trying to nail a certain trick or, you just crave some pole time.  Class is open to all levels, instructor will be available for assistance.

Intro to Pole

This class introduces students to Beginner Pole and Pole Flow. This class would be great for the curious.

Tricks and Combos

This should be interesting ..... In this class we will take tricks from beginner and intermediate levels, put them together, tweak them if needed, to make fun combos we can have fun with.



Floor to Pole

Yep, just what it sounds like! In this class we will work on all the various ways you can incorporate floor work with pole , transitioning flawlessly from beautiful floor work to your strong pole moves. The beauty of this class is you are truly making these floor moves yours, doing what feels right to you, this is where "Dance" comes into play and yes, this class can cant a little sexy! Be sure to bring either or all: knee pads, leg warmers and heels if you'd like ( heels are not necessary)  This class is for all levels.... Yay!                                                                                                      

Advanced Pole

Feeling like "I got this" Shoulder Mounts, Handsprings and Jade Splits "Oh my" .... Not to worry we will take it slow and at your own pace but this is just a sample of what you have to look forward to.