Loft Pole Dance Studio is where dance, fitness and creativity come together in a safe place where there is no judgment.

Pole Dance is great exercise!  You will tone up while having fun learning pole tricks and incorporating them into a heart pumping choreographed dance that will leave you feeling free and energized.

Classes will focus on body awareness & technique.  Each class level will focus on specific skills and structure for each and every student, ensuring that everyone has their own unique experience.

If you have ever wondered about a Pole Class, the time is now. I have created a very warm and welcoming place for you to have fun and explore what Pole Dancing is all about.  Pole Dance is for everyone!

Stephanie Newman, Founder 


About Stephanie


         My pole journey began in 2011.  I was 39 years young and I decided to take my first pole class to see what it was like.  After the first class I was hooked!  I came into pole with only my childhood dance experience, and a fondness for fitness.  The challenge of learning new tricks on the pole, coupled with the freedom of dance is the perfect combination. Fast forward a few years later, and having grasped a good understanding of the dynamics of pole,  I would be asked to sub classes for my teacher.  It wasn't  long after that I would start teaching and creating my own classes.  I have been blessed to have had an amazing instructor, as well as opportunities to have taken workshops from some of my favorite polers.  I have also participated in the Northern California Pole Presentational (NCPP), and other local show cases.

         For me the joy of teaching goes hand in hand with learning.  I love seeing the growth in my students,  how they yearn to learn more and challenge themselves both physically and mentally.  It makes it that much more meaningful when students hard work pays off and they achieve their goals!  I hope you will come and experience the same joy and freedom that I did when I first discovered what Pole Dancing has to offer.